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Lun’Tech to launch new radar reflector Target Simulator

lundi 8 octobre 2018

This device has numerous applications in civil and military operations, information assurance, radar technology and security operations. It can be used for radar calibration and commissioning, radar operator training and certification, as well as radar surveillance networks critical design review and factory or site acceptance testing purposes.

Lun’tech’s standalone Target Simulator is capable of generating precision Doppler-shifted radar echoes. The strength of the echo can be adjusted from a very low radar cross section and Doppler values, mimicking a walking person for instance, to very large ones, simulating a large vessel or aircraft.

The two directional antennas mounted on a pan & tilt platform enable to accurately select the desired radar. In addition, the direction of the Doppler shift can be changed from positive to negative, whether the target is supposed to be approaching or receding from the observer and a Doppler signature can be generated to simulate a real target.

The target simulator is compatible with any radar polarization and is remotely setup and controlled using a state-of-the-art software solution and 3G/4G technology.

Lun’Tech - Luneberg Technologies

Located in Perols near Montpellier (France), Lun’Tech (Luneberg Technologies) for more than 40 years designs and manufactures lenses using the Luneberg principle. From this process of a spherical lens with a progressive variation of permittivity, have been created passive radar reflectors and antennas. This microwave technology developed by LTT then Thomson, is now owned by Lun’Tech which continues to improve the manufacturing process as well as specific developments for new applications : Military (Location of targets) and Civilian (Port and airport beaconing ; Radar calibration ; Multi-beam antennas for satellite communication)

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