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ECA Group and Mauric to lounch USV Inspector 120

lundi 8 octobre 2018

Developed by ECA Group and Be Mauric for naval applications, a new USV Inspector 120 of about 12m can be deployed from any vessel of length about 50m and beyond.

USV Inspector 120

The USV INSPECTOR 120 has greater endurance, higher carrying capacity and superior nautical performances and can automatically deploy ECA Group unmanned systems such as AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) type A18-M, towed sonars T18-M, Mine Identification and Destruction Systems (MIDS) etc.

The hull of the INSPECTOR 120 is a best compromise for sea keeping, both in transit and at very low speed for launching and recovery of UAVs. Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS), INSPECTOR 120 can be deployed from any vessel of length about 50m and beyond.

The design of this USV is a result of a study on a comprehensive range of ship platforms capable to carry different configurations of ECA Group’s UMISTM systems for MCM missions. Thus, MAURIC recently introduced the design of its new family of drone- carrying vessels, each of these naval platforms being suitable for carrying a typical UMISTM system configuration.

The launching and recovery of USVs by sea 4 or 5 is an important criterion for the MCM vessel’s capacity evaluation. The USVs of the INSPECTOR range are therefore particularly studied for the best possible integration on mine-hunter and MAURIC is working on the optimization of this integration as well as on automated recovery of USVs. The results of this work will also be presented during EURONAVAL exhibition from 23rd -26th October.

The contribution of MAURIC to ECA Group’s development is increasing, ranging from integration of unmanned systems onboard ships to the USVs design itself. This last point is crucial because the USVs, like any other naval platforms, shall be adapted to specific mission requirements. Even if it is an off the shelf product, the INSPECTOR 120 can also be adapted according to the specific needs in terms of sensors, or customer’s performance requirements.

ECA Group has been designing and delivering unmanned surface vehicles (USV) for 15 years. After supplying INSPECTOR Mk1 to the DGA in 2008, ECA Group has developed and supplied to several navies with its unmanned surface vehicle INSPECTOR 90.

About ECA Group

ECA Group is an expert in naval drones and unmanned systems and one of the global leaders in this sector for the last 50 years. Moreover, the beginnings of ECA Group in naval robotics took place alongside Naval Group : ECA Group had been tasked with creating a free submarine model at the end of the 60s, which was implemented by Naval Group in St-Tropez. Following that, Naval Group and ECA Group collaborated on developing the first MIDS (Mine Identification and Destruction System) in the world, the PAP guided self-propelled mine clearance ROV. Still used by the French Navy, this robot has been sold in several hundred copies across more than 30 countries.

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