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Atech, Brazilian « System House » to present its solutions for navies

Euronaval 2018

jeudi 18 octobre 2018

Specialized in on-board systems, Atech is present in the main strategic programs of Brazil’s Defense.

Atech, a company of the Embraer Group, specialized in the development and integration of solutions for military employment, is known as the « System House » of the Industrial Defense Base in Brazil. Its accumulated expertise has enabled it to participate in the country’s main Strategic Programs, developing and integrating systems on fixed and mobile platforms, in partnerships with the Armed Forces, national and foreign companies.

Among the Strategic Defense Programs with Atech’s participation : the H-XBR Program (Super Cougar).

Atech is involved in the development of the N-TDMS (Tactical System for Data Management for Naval Employment), in partnership with Airbus Defense for the H225M naval helicopter to be delivered to the Brazilian Navy. The N-TDMS allows the aircraft commander to define and evaluate, from the cockpit, tactical-operational situations in coordination with an operator positioned in the tactical console installed in the helicopter cabin, for example by authorizing the launching of the AM39 missile within the best launch conditions. The tactical consoles project (Tactical Coordinating Officer) was also conducted by Atech.

Atech is also present in the acquisition of the Gripen NG (FX-2) fighter jets, in an agreement with Saab for the development of the aircraft simulators, training systems and ground support systems in an extensive Technology Transfer (ToT), which began two years ago. The program consolidates Atech’s presence as a partner of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in the on-board and mission systems segment.

« We have already completed the technology absorption phase for the aircraft system simulators and we already have our professionals working in Brazil again. In order to meet the Brazilian program’s requirements, the systems that will be developed for the FAB versions will be validated through the simulators, before being implemented in their final version on board the aircraft. Next phases will complete the absorption of technology support system and mission planning », Giacomo Staniscia, Atech Business Director, said.

In addition to Gripen NG, Atech is involved in two other aircraft systems projects with FAB : the E99 air surveillance and P-3BR maritime surveillance aircraft. In both cases, Atech will participate in the modernization of the embedded tactical system and the ground system for mission planning, briefing, debriefing and mission analysis.

« With these projects, Atech is consolidated as a strategic partnership of the FAB, capable of developing and integrating tactical systems for aircraft, with full control of the technology involved and the ability to offer subsequent corrective and evolutive support of such systems », concludes Staniscia.

The main projects present in the Atech portfolio may be known during the Euronaval 2018, which takes place from October 23 to 26 in Paris, France.

About Atech

Atech, a Brazilian company of Embraer Group, recognized as a Brazilian « System House », has always been guided by innovation in order to help transform the country. With unique expertise in systems engineering and situational awareness technologies and support for decision making, Atech works to develop innovative solutions with applications in the areas of air traffic, command and control systems, cyber security, instrumentation and control systems , embedded systems, simulators and logistics. The company is responsible for the development and modernization of the entire system for the management and defense of Brazilian airspace. For its performance, the company is recognized and certified as a Strategic Defense Company by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense.

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